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My name is completely Mocanu Danut - Catalin, but because I like more Catalin, it used to it. I have 28 years and suffer from a very serious disease, called progressive muscle dystrophy. This disease affects muscles and nerves, some less, others completely. Have several types, of which mine is one of the most serious. The disease began to observe the age of 1 year half - 2 years. Since then the disease has evolved continuously. During the 13-18 years, the situation has become worse since I need increasingly more often a guide, because I had tired. 18 - 19 years his illness worsened so bad he could not make two steps without my knowledge by walls or somebody that at the age of 19 years the disease to take my feet forever. I thank God that I managed to finish my studies exactly when my total fall. I finished high school and I took ferry to the average 8. In the summer of classes of X and XI of course I made a free computer operating in the foundation and Motivation helped me with a wheelchair.
Everything began to be increasingly difficult disease affect my increasingly muscles, starting to weaken my hands, my voice was also affected. From 35kg we got now at 29kg and that at 28 years. In order to go to the bathroom I must crawl, and walk on my fours. Tableware, more specifically spoon, had to adjust to me as catching my finger is almost zero, and no could lead to mouth.
I just 28 years, I’m young, and I want to live, even if so, and I am a soul who wants to enjoy life. Plus it got a sister in the same situation, aged 26 years. And she like me wants to live, to enjoy life. The only chance for survival and evolution to a standstill disease would be a stem cell transplant, the transplant costs 60,000 euro.
I am only a social welfare of 250 RON (55 Euro) and a mother to guide pension of 350 RON (90 Euro). In Romania this sum is very small, our father has left us 7 years ago and he hasn't helped us ever since. He simply isn't interested in us any longer. Think of the expenses which are (medicines, food, clothing, debts to the state) that could remain.
I want to make a call to all people of good faith who believe that I can help you collect the amount needed to live. For me whatever small amount, will be a step forward towards life because if you do not succeed this transplant, does not know how I can face the disease.
Please try to understand me as my hard.

We thank you with all our hearts.

Bank accounts: Banc Post S.A. Sucursala Cosbuc, Bd. Libertatii, nr. 12, Bucharest, Romania.


Mocanu Danut-Catalin (CNP: 1810426450067)

Account: RO74 BPOS 8100 2704204 EUR01
Account: RO10 BPOS 8100 2704204 ROL01
Account: RO21 BPOS 8100 2704204 USD01

Phone: +40 21 423 94 45

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